I'm here to help

Photography is my passion for sure; but editing, for me, is therapy.

I offer my professional editing services to help you when you need it, whether you are swamped during busy season, don't have time to edit, whatever it may be.

I offer both Lightroom and Photoshop edits at different rates, and will do a free test run of 3-5 images so we can nail down the details and you can be sure I will be able to match your style. If you're happy with what you see and want to proceed, I will walk you through the easy process of exporting a catalog to me through Lightroom, as well as what to do once I have sent it back to you. Your client never needs to know I edited, so I do not require credit. Turnaround time is usually within a week or so of receiving the catalog but could be a little longer depending on my workload.

What Clients are Saying

"Amanda has been amazing to work with - not only does she do a beautiful job with her editing, she is organised, thoughtful and efficient.  

Amanda is constantly trying to outdo herself and her work and wants to do the best edit possible, in line with my work, for every session.  

She has a kind heart and really cares about my business which is like the icing on the cake to a beautiful edit.  

Letting go and getting someone else to edit your work that you put so much of your own heart into can be a little daunting, but Amanda has made the whole process so easy and stress free - I feel very lucky to have found her!"

-Megan M

Amanda has been an absolute life-saver for me the last month. Having one of the busiest seasons of my career in addition to missing a week of work in October for a death in the family had me absolutely BURIED in sessions to edit. Amanda is great to work with - she takes her time and makes adjustments to match your style, is friendly and responsive in communication and her turnaround time is very fast. I can't recommend her highly enough!

-Tammi N